Alone In The Dark



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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ, Rock

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Lời bài hát Alone In The Dark

Alone In The Dark

[Music: Skolnick, Peterson]
[Lyrics: Souza]

[1 :]
When I was but very young
Sorcerers came to claim my mind
Leaving death and hatred to unmask
The master of the game had won
And let his final sin be known
Killing those who stand in his path

Alone in the dark
Where the demons are torturing me
The dark passages of revenge is all that I see

Armies of witches
Are called in from the north
Murders of elders occur
The high priest of evil
Has lowered his iron fist
Thousands of people will die

The slaughter of the innocent
The house is burning
That lights the sky
My nightmare has begun to unfold
The hissing of the cobras tongue
Sound and feel of ripping flesh
Fall two thousand feet from the sky

My terror has controlled my life and
Let my only weakness known
I got to rid this hell from my head
I fight off evil sorcerers
Rid my mind of his torture and
Meet the falling angel in his realm


Faustus prepares the legions of the night
Diviners from the far north arrive
Aimlessly people there huddled in a pack
Wreaking deadly havoc on mankind

I fall in my deepest sleep
To meet the evil asteroth
His title is the grand duke of hell
I fight until the end is near
To rid my mind of hopes and fears
My destination lies in my dreams





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