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Being Myself


Martina Mcbride

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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ, Pop, Country

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Lời bài hát Being Myself

Sometimes I'm an ordinary girl, wrapped in my ordinary world
I just wanna listen to the rain, and stay in bed all day
Other times I'm extraverted, speak my mind and I don't worry who,
might disagree or what anyone might say

I don't listen to the critics
Believin' all the cynics
I don't need that kind of advice
I'm doing alright

Just being myself
that's all that I can be
Happy being me
don't really wanna be nobody else
I know who I am
and the one thing I do, well..
Is just being myself, yeah yeah

I can be the drama queen, wear my emotions on my sleeve
Sometimes, I know, I'm a little hard to handle
Other days I rather stay at home and have the leave me alone
I just need some space, just a little space

I've got my share of problems
And I may never solve them
But in the end I know I'll be fine
Cause I'm doing alright

Repeat Chorus

I don't listen to the critics
Believin' all their cynics
No I don't have the time
Cause I'm doin' alright

Repeat Chorus

Just being myself, yeah yeah
Don't really wanna be nobody else

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