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Lời bài hát Disturbance

English Translation:
I can no longer remember the way you used to look at me
and your warm hugs

When did we stop becoming frank;
no longer being able to understand each other

Our slowly changing attitudes is too cold, unable to grasp;
As we gradually become tired and cold (to each other)
I hate the powerless me even more

You, no longer able to look straight into my eyes
You, no longer try to read my thoughts
You, no longer try to understand my sadness
Is it because we’ve exchanged too little “I Love you”s

I was clueless initially, thought it was because I was too busy
Your gradually cold (attitudes during our) contacts and meetings
I thought that if I waited, you would come back (to me), I should have understood you
But you drifted even further away

I stood rooted at the ground, your figure slowly disappears
The road I no longer can trace back
So, please come find me, save me quickly

The day I have packed up my troubles and
There was really only me who is crying like a fool
I thought, this should be the end, I can’t remember anything

The you.

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