Tam Ca Áo Trắng

Donna Donna


Tam Ca Áo Trắng

Sáng tác: Nhạc Ngoại Lời Việt

Thể loại: Việt Nam, Nhạc Trữ Tình

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Lời bài hát Donna Donna

On a waggon bound for market
there`s a calf with a mournful eye.
High above him there`s a swallow,
winging swiftly through the sky.
How the winds are laughing,
they laugh with all their might.
Laugh and laugh the whole day through,
and half the summer`s night.

Donna, Donna, Donna, Donna; Donna, Donna, Donna, Don.
Donna, Donna, Donna, Donna; Donna, Donna, Donna, Don.
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"Stop complaining!? said the farmer,
Who told you a calf to be ?
Why don`t you have wings to fly with,
like the swallow so proud and free??


Calves are easily bound and slaughtered,
never knowing the reason why.
But whoever treasures freedom,
like the swallow has learned to fly.

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