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Early Morning


Sofia Kallgren

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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ, Pop

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Lời bài hát Early Morning

Early morning when the sun is rising
I watch you when you still are in your sleep
Teacups still waiting on the breakfast table
That's not a reason good enough to wake you
Early morning when the day is dawning
I lay beside you listening to your heartbeat
I feel so happy when I'm thinking of you
To have you close to me, near and around me

One day will come when the dream is over
Before the day I will not keep from dreaming
One day will come when the day's getting colder
I think of you and your love will surround me.
Show me your heart and I will give you mine
Show me your tears and I will kiss them all away
Show me the one thing that I really need
Show me your love and never take it away

Early morning and the sun is up now
I cross the room and open up the door
Teacups still waiting on the breakfast table
And I'm still waiting for my love to wake up
Early morning and I greet the sunlight
It's so beautiful. It spreads over fields now
All around me the light is flowing
I see the beauty in the day as it's dawning
If I could live here without days of wonder
If I could live here when it’s calm and peaceful
I guess I'd stay here till the end of lifetime
If I can say goodbye to Queen of sorrow .

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