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星のうつわ (Hoshi No Utsuwa)


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Bài hát 星のうつわ (Hoshi No Utsuwa) được trình bày bởi ca sĩ Sukima Switch thuộc thể loại bài hát Nhật Bản. Bạn có thể nghe online, download (tải bài hát) Hoshi No Utsuwa tốc độ cao về máy với các chất lượng 128kbps, 320kbps, lossless hoàn toàn miễn phí.

Lời bài hát 星のうつわ (Hoshi No Utsuwa)

Why ? Why are we born crying ?
And when we’ll eventually joins the stars, we’ll make others crying.
Why ? Even though we weren’t teached how …
… do we know how to shed tears.
the welling up drops are a token of affection constantly flown into you and
as directed, they slowly and softly have trickled

from the heart to the body, the body to the heart, those strings of tangled spiral patterns
if you can see the future in each of them, the sky you are watching, you see, it looks the cosmos.

Why ? Why does the moon …
Can always illuminate the darkness without saying anything ?
Why ? Do know know when our heart beat …
that those aren’t infinite.
The size of the vessel in the chest doesn’t lose its valor,

it’s other big seed inside it that wants to feel life.

No matter how much I freeze my eyes , no matter how much I loses myself …
In this sadness nobody can’t see, we’re going to loses eachother.
If no matter how much we search, we can’t find eachother …
I learned by watching other that I won’t stop opening my hands.

Living is all about letting go little by little.
If I lose anything, at this moment … I want to be near you.
If there is one person who will shed tears for me, that alone would make me happy.

from the heart to the body, the body to the heart, those strings of tangled spiral patterns

When I started to think I don’t want thoses moments to repeat,

at this moment, everything in front of my eyes, you see

it looks like the cosmos

it looks like the cosmos

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