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Lời bài hát I'll Stick Around

"I'll Stick Around"

I thought i knew

all it took to bother you

evry word i said was true

and that you'll see

How could it be

i'm the only one who sees

your rehearsed insanity Yeah

I still refused

all the methods you abused

it's alright if you're confused

let me be

I've been around

all the pawns you've gagged and bound

they'll come back and knock you down

and I'll be free

I've taken all and i've endured

one day this all will fade im sure

I don't owe you anything (*4)

I had no hand

in your ever desperate plan

it returns and when it lands

words are due

I should have known

we were better off alone

I looked in and I was shown

you were too

Ive taken all and I've endured

One day this all will fade i'm sure

I don't owe you anything (*8)

I'll stick around

I'll stick around

and learn from all that came from it

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