Ike & Tina Turner

I'm Yours


Ike & Tina Turner

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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ, R&B / Soul

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Lời bài hát I'm Yours

With my hands locked behind me
And my feet trying to find me
I find ways to try to find you
Just to get the chance to remind you
That if you change your mind
and don't leave me behind
i'll be anyway you want me
you're all i breath
you're all i need
and i'm anyway you want me

your love's got me chained
i don't, i cant see no other man
i don't want no no other romance
i just want you to give me a chance
cuz you say that you know
that somebody somewhere truly needs you
well the someone is me
you've got me eatin by the tip of your finger
do you remember

here's my lips
you take em, you make em
do as you wish
you use 'em , abuse 'em
i'll be your witch
voodoo em, misuse em
i'll be your snitch
you name it i'll tame it
here's my heart
you can break it apart any way you want to
i'll show lovin like a burnin fire
it takes me higher and higher

any way you want me (2x)

sittin here thinkin about the fellas i left
but you i can't forget
it's up to you
to say when we're through
cuz i'm anyway you want me
what would i give
to have to hold
im keepin this
to me i see
you close to me
do what you want
do keep me please
we like you like
be like your wife
do me as you want
all day and night

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