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Secret Garden

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Lời bài hát I've Dreamed of You

I've dreamed of you, always feeling you were there
And all my life I have searched for you everywhere
I caught your smile in the morning sun
I heard your whisper on the breeze at night
I prayed one day that your arms would hold me tight

And just when I thought love had passed me by, we met
That first look in your eyes I can't forget
You melted me with your tender touch
I felt all fear and sorrow slip away
Now here we stand hand in hand, this blessed day

I promise you as I give to you my heart
That nothing, nothing in this world shall keep us apart
Come happily ever after be the man I'll love until the very end
I've dreamed of you my great love and my best friend

For God must know how I love you so
He's blessed us here today as man and wife
Come dream with me as I've dreamed of you all my life
Come dream with me as I have dreamed of you all my life

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