I Will Give My Everything To You




Jung In

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Thể loại: Hàn Quốc

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Lời bài hát I Will Give My Everything To You

Your heart is my house
Where you stand is my path
Sweating for you is my job
Just like the bright moonlight that is floating above the bridge
I want to shine you always
Exhausted me, love is the hostage of happiness
Shakes like waves, sweepingly
Dear you, lock your arms around my neck
Open up your heart and have my love
Let’s walk tomorrow together
You’re special to me, definitely, fervently
I want to fill a side of my life with all you
If the sky has stars
I want to have you, who is more beautiful
I’m a rough guy but a nice guy
I’m carried away, by your charm
My life is all new, don’t worry
I’ll treat you well, I’ll do everything for you, I will
*I have something to tell you
Suddenly tonight, I have something to tell you
I will give you everything
My love that is about to burst
Dear you, tie me and enjoy me
I’m a flame that burns for you
With you in my arms, I want to live without being jealous of anything
Draw a love line for just the two of us
The stories that your lips tell
Things that your two eyes see
Everything is like smoke that is lit up with happiness
Doesn’t know how to cool off, our love heat
Happiness isn’t too far, if I have you
When we look at each other (when we look at each other)
The love that deepens (I can feel the deepening love love)
I don’t want to stop (I want to stay like this)
With you in my arms
For you, there is nothing I cannot do
I will pick the stars and fill them in your two hands

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