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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ, Rock, Country

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Lời bài hát Is It You

Is it you
I wonder
and still it makes me laugh
is it you
that I'm looking for
don't turn away so fast
and while you were talking
wide-eyed I fell asleep
hoping tomorrow would be
as sweet
Is it you
who whispered
into my hazy soul
is it you
who makes the flowers bloom
on the tenement windowsill
in a hotel room
a TV glows
and songs are exchanged
drunkenly chasing the ghost
of eternity
There's a drunk on the sidewalk
trying to look unconcerned
and the dead eyed motel blondes
wait in line for their turn
Is it you
who laughs
when all the other dogs snarl
is it you
just because you listened for a while
and with this buzz of electricity
still ringing in my ears
I wonder
is it you
I wonder
is it you

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