The Chemical Brothers

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The Chemical Brothers

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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ, Electronic / Dance

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Lời bài hát Left Right

Left, Right
Left, Right
Left, Right
Left, Right
Left, Right
Left, Right
All my soldiers march
All my people march
All my soldiers march
All my soldiers march with me x 4

He laid on his back,
His firearms by his side
Hearin no sound
Just watchin the fireworks in the sky
I walk by
Look down he still smiling
Cause he’s done fightin
A fallen soldier
Now his war’s over
Don’t matter which side is wrong or right
Some innocent lives will be lost on the battlefield tonight
So hungry to kill
Only his death can curb his appetite
Live ammo hit the flesh
And it feels so right
I’ve embellished my life
Now God please tell me is this what death’s like?
…kept his innocence
Heavy hearted spouse
Clingin on to anything intimate
She can find around the house
What’s the difference between Bush and Saddam?
Sheik Ahmed Yassin, Osama Bin Laden
…Fidel Castro
It seems to me they on the same team
They hate only lead to innocent blood streams
If it’s so important
To fight for mankind
Well I don’t see none of they kinfolk
Out there on the front line.

And I’m a soldier
Right here – hip-hop – with my guns by my side
Ready to ride till I die
And I’m a soldier
And you can see it in my eyes
Even when the man dies
They say a soldier never cries
And I’m a soldier
Until the day they take my life
All my soldiers march with me
Left, Right
All my soldiers match with me
Left, Right
I thought I told ya
This is the story of a soldia
Stand up x 3
Stand up x3
US stand up
UK stand up
France stand up
Spain and Portugal, Germany stand up
Slovakia stand up
China stand up
Palestine, Kosovo, Ghetto World stand up
This is a live nigga PSA
From the one and only ghetto bullhorn
Come to warn you
There’s a war goin on outside
And you can’t run
You can’t hide
Left, Right
Left, Right
Left, Right
Left, Right
Left, Right
All my people march
Ghetto funk march
Whole world march!
All my soldiers march
All my people march

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