Living The Dream



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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ, Rock

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Lời bài hát Living The Dream

Everybody gather round
And listen to my dream, you're bound
To thank me when I'm done
So here is one
I was there and you were too
But it wasn't exactly you
And it wasn't really even me
Don't you see

I don't expect
For you to understand completely
Even I
Don't ask why
Cause it can't be summed up neatly

Word of mouth began to fly
So when people promised to pay to publish, I
Reluctantly agreed
Cause people need

A voice for those without one, I've
Tried to keep the dream alive
Now I'm leaving it up to you
To misconstrue

And oh, have you seen

In the May or may not issue
Of some Vague magazine
Interpretations like that make you wish you
Kept shut your mouth
And your heart cause your subconscious
Should be yours
And no one else's
I shall die a thousand deaths

The dream is over
I can't believe it
That the world went on without me
Now I'm that much more behind
But I'll be all right, cause
Wide awake or sound asleep
Either way, we're all counting sheep
No, I don't dream for a living
I'm just living the dream
I'm living the dream
I'm living the dream

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