Stacey Kent

Nobody Is Heart


Stacey Kent

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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ, Pop

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Lời bài hát Nobody Is Heart

Nobody's heart belongs to me,
Heigh-ho! Who cares?
Nobody writes his songs to me,
No one belongs to me,
That's the least of my cares.

I may be sad at times,
And disinclined to play.
But it's not bad at time,
To go your own sweet way.

Nobody's arms belong to me,
No arms feel strong to me,
I admire the moon.
As a moon, just a moon.
Nobody's heart belongs to me today.

Feeling the way I do,
I'd like to say, "I do!"
Heaving a heavenly sigh.
Everybody has someone,
Why can't I?

Creeping to bed alone, resting my head alone,
Only the pillow nearby,
Some have a reason for dreaming,
Why can't I?

I feel forsaken on nights like this,
Can't I awaken to someone's kiss?
Only my book in bed knows how I look in bed.
Nobody hears when I cry.
Everybody has someone,
Why can't I?
Nobody's heart belongs to me today.

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