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Save the World


David Munyon

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Lời bài hát Save the World

(David Munyon/S P Standley)

There's a housewife from the Midwest
Hiding dollars for her kids
So they can be surprised
On their birthdays with some gifts
The children know her secret
And decide to give their best
They give their presents to the poor ones
And love has passed it's test

We can save the world
If we love like little children
We can save the world
Try learning from our past
Mountains can be moved
When we believe that we can move them
We can save the world
We can save the world

There was a carpenter from somewhere
Who built houses with his dad
Some say he was the saviour
He made his mama glad
I saw him on the street once
He was surrounded by these kids
Their love was so apparent
An' all he said was this

We can save the world...

And a baker from South Dresden
Wakes up early every morn'
He remembers as a child
How hate can hurt and harm
So he bakes his bread with kindness
An' he loves all that he greets
Cause yesterday can't get you
lf you sprinkle it with peace

We can save the world...

David Munyon: vocal, guitar
Mike Silver: guitar, harmony vocals
Beo Brockhausen gaida
Martin Großkurth: hammond organ
Annelie, Patrick. Juliane, Marian,
Kerstin, Inga, Nina, Janina, Sascha,
Johann, Markus: choir
Hans-Jörg Maucksch: bass

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