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Song From A Secret Garden


Alexander Rybak

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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ, Pop

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Song From A Secret Garden

Bright moon light suddenly lay
When my hair is cloudy
Birds singing in English where you laugh

Mistress faraway look where?
I remember the moon
On the way flowers intoxicating scent levels

Park picked his poetry
Unscrew the yellow autumn leaves fade
Please install the poetry of flowers you

Afternoon General would step
Look after each other as would away thousands
Shadows in the direction where to go

Love craves
Two hearts to each other
I love pain
Why is it different separation

Series buckets life forever
How to have met?
Why are not we happy life?
Calming ever known?

Where people go there forever
I for one still hurts
Night night pillow breathe the disabled

Away from my eternal love forever
Of dry eye falls
Painful cuts to wreak a little skin

A velvet sky Me
Ask yourself such as apricots
I love broke up
Wind swept over time

A life of regret
Drunk night sky tilt
Own painful embrace the
Coast afterlife waiting for each other

Where adversity because we love?
Not dare to give another life
Please beg the grace forever

Could we just coast coast
Mo is just like a dream
Please keep the individual as poems

Coast owes his life after another?

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