Joel McNeely

Strange Sight


Joel McNeely

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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ

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Lời bài hát Strange Sight

Strange sight
You stand in the light
You're wrong but you're right
My heart's beating wildly

How i'm scared but delighted,
Afraid but excited, too
You have a cold heart
You're reckless and distant
But i'll be precistent
I will understand you

How i'm drawn to the danger
I'll reach out my hand for you

Do you lone to be left all alone
Set apart with a heart made of stone
Let me help
Let's begin
Let me learn
Won't you let me in
All the light, let it show

You're a strange sight
Some new kind of wonder with good hidden under
And i'm sure that's it's true
How your dark doesn't face me
No, i won't give up on you


If you're caught in a shadow
And turn all around
Lost in the darkness
You will be found
If you hear my voice
Follow the sound
Cos i'm here to guide you out


Do you lone to be left all alone
Set apart with a heart made of stone
There's a light that you shine
There's a love
I see it in your eyes
All the dark, let it go

You're not alone

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