Little Sun

Sun Boat


Little Sun

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Thể loại: Hàn Quốc

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Lời bài hát Sun Boat

One apple one parmfruit the debouce to that road

Three children play loudly a lonely song of ballet
Want you to be mine I know is not fine I know is not right I know now is not the time
Wonder I say when is day get upon your life
Get upon your life

Let it be right
Let it be right
Let it be right
Let it be right

All around me people seems so happy
How can we be happy one then know you are with me

Every night I see the way see the way I dance all alone
Here may suddenly now there is no doubting no no
With all the troubles this world has going
Take me in your rowboat 'til the suns not glowing
And when the world aint turning I can be your sweet delight

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