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Green Day

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Lời bài hát The Forgotten

Where in the world's the forgotten
They're lost inside your memory
You're draggin' on your hearts been broken,
Cause we all go down in history.

Where in the world did the time go?
It's where your spirit seems to roam
Like losing faith to our abandoned
Or an empty hallway from a broken home.

Well don't look away from the arms of a bad dream,
Don't look away sometimes
You're better lost than to be seen,

I don't feel strange, it's more like haunted
Another moment trapped in time
I can't quiet point my finger on it
But it's like a child that was left behind

So we're in the worlds of forgotten
Like soldiers from a long lost war
We share the scars from our abandoned
And what we remember becomes folklore

Well don't look away
From the arms of a bad dream,
Don't look away,
Sometimes you're better lost than to be seen.

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