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The Other Side Of The Door


Taylor Swift

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Lời bài hát The Other Side Of The Door

1. In the heat of the fight I walked away
Ignoring words that you were saying
Trying to make me stay
I said, 'This time I've had enough'
And you've called a hundred times
But I'm not picking up
Cause I'm so mad I might tell you that it's over
But if you look a little closer.

I said, "Leave," but all I really want is you
To stand outside my window throwing pebbles
Screaming, 'I'm in love with you'
Wait there in the pouring rain, come back for more
And don't you leave cause I know
All I need is on the other side of the door.

2. Me and my stupid pride are sitting here alone
Going through the photographs, staring at the phone
I keep going back over things we both said
And I remember the slamming door and all the things that I misread
So babe if you know everything, tell me why you couldn't see
When I left I wanted you to chase after me.

And I'll scream out the window
I can't even look at you
I don't need you but I do, I do, I do
I say, "There's nothing you can say to make this right
I mean it, I mean it"
What I mean is.

With your face and the beautiful eyes
And the conversation with the little white lies
And the faded picture of a beautiful night
You carry me from your car to the stairs
And I broke down crying, was she worth this mess?
After everything and that little black dress
After everything I must confess, I need you.

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