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To Be Loved


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Lời bài hát To Be Loved

I can see your face everywhere I look
But everywhere is nowhere without you
What seemed to be like days was just a moment in time
But it meant the world to me
Cos' I knew
What I've been searching for all of my life
I had it right here in front of my eyes
What I've wished for was nothing compared
to what I received
when you were here with me
And if you'll never come back
And today was all that we had
And if I wouldn't see tomorrow with you
In my arms It won't matter because
now I know what it's like to be loved
You are so far away but I feel you so near
It's like you never left me, never said goodbye
I can hear your voice in the crowd
I can feel you touch me right now
I can see you smile when I close my eyes
And I hold on to that every night
To help me understand when I ask myself why
of all the people out there
You chose to be with me, to share a love so rare
And if you'll never come back
And today was all that we had
And if I won't see

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