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Lời bài hát White Rabbit

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the that mother gives you don't do anything at all

Go ask Alice
When she is ten feet tall
And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you are going to fall
Tell him a hookah-smokin' caterpiller...
Has given the a call
And call Alice when she was just small

When the men on the chessboard
Get up and tell you where to go
And you have just had kind of mushroom
And your mind is movin' low

Go ask Alice i think she will know
When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the white knight is talking backwards
And the red queen off with her head

What the doormouse said

Feed your head
Feed your head


Feed your head
(Feed your head...]


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