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The Cult

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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ, Rock

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Shining brightly

Pure crystal snow


Oh virgin

Shining brightly

Snow is crystal the fire is cold

I sit back watch the sun turn gold

In the morning love is healing

Warm the frost deep in my bones

The hunter sits on a pure white stallion

A hawk in flight bow in his hand

A deer approaches at the end of the forest

The arrow flies blood on the snow

Snow is crystal

Love is pure

I look out see a hawk in flight

The forest awaits me

I reel back watch the sun turn to gold

Earth in the mother

Said white

Sure crystal clear virgin white

Wilderness lost to us

Wilderness we reach out

Wilderness we must embrace you once more

Shining brightly snow is pure

When the barbarians approach on the frontiers

Of a civilization it is a sign of crisis in

That civilization when the barbarians come

Not with weapons of war but songs and

Icons of peace it is a sign of crisis is one

Of a spiritual nature that a spiritual nature

We have forgotten our spiritual nature

'Cause we are wrapped up in too much shit

All day all night


Kiss the earth I said mother said white

Earth motherfucker said white

White white

Shining shining bright

Shining shining brightly earth mother

Pure cool crystal virgin


Natural earth mother white

The snow virgin crystal white

City draggin' me down that's grey

Life is grey

Got to get the rhythm

Don't tell me what I'm feelin'

White white funky white

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