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Eng translation

My love, now there's only one person in the world in my heart
You're the only one, always
Only you bring me hope
On the sad nights, shining like a star in the sky above

Reality never goes as well as I think it will (oh yeah)
I've always lived among lies and errors
That time, you suddenly opened the door to me
You came swooping down, an angel (yeah)

Cause you're my miracle Only you can change my future
My girl, though I love you very much, I can't convey my feelings well... I'm sorry

I'm growing afraid that someday, you'll disappear to somewhere
Leaving behind a single feather
Even so...even if I get hurt, you smile for me
And for your sake I'll go on living oh yeah

Though I wish everyday for this to last an eternity, it will go with the wind (maybe will go)
Even if I lose everything,
If you (just you), only you, are by my side
However bad the storm, I could get through it

Cause you're my miracle, I want a future with you for only myself
My girl, if these feelings reach you.. say your answer is 'yes'

That I was able to meet you on this vast earth, it's destiny
May these happy days continue on forever
For you, I'll search for dreams for us

Cause you're my miracle only you can change my future
My girl, even though I love you very much, I can't say it well
I'm sorry for that...oh
I promise you forever, only you... oh

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