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A Better Day



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Lời bài hát A Better Day

A better day, when night belongs to dawn
Another way, for us to get along
All those I might say is never meant to be
You better be strong, a better day will come

Rap: This young friction is is all reality
You better listen because its means a lot to me
I got something to say so give a little moment of your time
Cuz this is going way too long and I was so way outta line
In our society the lines has going from thick to thin,
It’s a shamed you gotta die for the color of your skin,
Put aside whatever feelings that you hold from…all to side
Keep listen in to what we says ..together we’re so right.

Repeat Chorus***

Rap: ya’ll my only necessary only is not the successary..(?)
Wip e d it off and wait to see if ya’ll can get it [get it]
And wait till rated ya’ll
Accept it all
Cuz enough is enough.
This ..this spectator (?) is too long it’s time to get rough
Now pissed at me but in a serious way take a look outside your window and the lives today..hah
It ain’t no good it’s all our day like…news from seven thirty …see the bullet flies by

Repeat Chorus***
A better day when night belongs to dawn
another way for us to get along
Rap: ya’ll feeling this
All this I might say is never meant to be
You better be strong, a better day will come

Rap: Nah…hmmm
More to say once it ..once it again..
Cuz I cannot understand the violent before…
So this is how we showed it up..oh oh oh
And we can get it if we stand up for it oh oh oh
Cuz everybody gotta wanted it oh ohoh
Stand up together we can wons it oh oh oh

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