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Lời bài hát Amazing

(feat. Pharrell)

[Chorus: Pharrell (T.I.)]
Mm, mm, what? Skateboard P'll make your face fall off
(Serve a bitch straight D) And make her face fall off (okay)
Niggaz come through and make your face fall off
What the fuck you gon' do? Make your face fall off
Baby boy it's amazin, so amazin, so amazin
Amazin, so amazin, baby baby
Amazin, so amazin, amaz-amazin
Amazin, so amazin, baby baby
Skateboard P make your face fall off
(I serve a bitch straight D) And make your face fall off (uh-huh)
Niggaz come through and make your face fall off
Nigga what you finna do when your face fall off?
Baby boy it's amazin, so amazin, so amazin
Amazin, so amazin, baby baby
Amazin, so amazin, so amazin
Amazin, so amazin, baby baby

It's automatic got a baller habit, smokin aces what you facin
when you hatin, ain't no rehabilitation
for that monkey on my back, hundred thousand dollar stack
Ya ain't heard, used to serve Firebird like a Pontiac
Rewind me back, ay you know where they used to find me at?
In the back, sacks full of somethin for insomniacs
Dope boy, trap nigga in my past life
Now I just serve rap nigga plenty act right
You know where we at, right here, like yeah
In the club on the furniture, fuck do I care
Tell the club owner here, Rosé, Remy bottle please
Got a carload of bravado, ain't nobody hot as me
I don't bend, I don't break, I go in, I don't play
Tell your friend that the game can begin if she stay
I pass out cake like your birthday bitch
If you kiss both of those, lick that, take this


Ay, a dope boy with the swag of a pimp nigga
Except one thing, I'm paid more than them nigga
You see a bitch can't afford this life
Have to fuck a ballplayer and a mayor every night
Maybe twice, late at night we, be in white tees
Me and Skateboard P, no Nike's
Just a pair of Margiela, get a broad tell her
rain dance for this paper, better get her umbrella
Yeah, had guns like an arms dealer
Dream team lawyers, he ain't never been a dumb nigga
Nigga, this your girl, better come get her
Turn her to a dick monster, nut muncher
Sperm rag, cum dumpster, left amongst her
Bitches in the past, pretty titties, plenty ass
They just drink up what we give 'em, take shots without any glass
Fuck her in the face 'til it fall off or 'til she gag, gag, gag


And it don't stop
A lot of niggaz out there think that they could do what we do
Be my guest, go and front for the people
But just like a storefront they gon' see through
That you sweet like bubblegum and they gon' eat you
How you blowin up? Nigga they chewin you
And when you hit rock bottom they shoo'in you
Like "Ooh, you eww, get away!"
Naw you, yeah right, okay
Don't listen to these guys, these niggaz full of lies
Cut 'em open and they cover up the floor, you surprised?
Every time they talk about what they gon' get
They been lookin at my blog (BBC) knife and forkin my shit
While I'm tryin to get the new G-5 with the kit
with the bed in the back, cause my son hate to sit
And all that dark blue shit, y'all niggaz been had
My diamond's rainbow like they registered for GLAAD
Every aspect, whether plane, boat or pad
Tote a brightness like your chain 'pose to have
Got it from the ring so you know that they straight
Plus the Audemar twins, I guess my wrist couldn't wait
to tell ya (BBCicecream.com)


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