Jemaine Clement

Poisonous Love


Jemaine Clement


Kristin Chenoweth

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Thể loại: Âu Mỹ

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Lời bài hát Poisonous Love

My Darling while you sleep
all is well we are friends and that's swell
but the truth is that i have a secret to tell
I love you.
People say it's wrong, it's absurd,
That a frog and a bird
are in love when i know in my heart
this was so meant to be,
cuz i love you so much
too bad we can't touch
if we did you would die
and that would be such
a really big drag

If only we could could hug and could kiss
be in heavenly bliss
but your lungs would explode
and you'd look just like this
as you'd hemorrhage and gag

oh excuse me

Romeo, juliet
were in love but i bet
but it was nothing compared
to the feeling i get
around you

you don't even know that i'm there
you don't see that i care
could it be that for me
you're not even aware
that i'm perfect for you
cuz i'm never ever mean, never lie
and i'm sweeter than pie
and i'm thoughtful and gentle
and timid and shy
and tender and loving
and true
but darling protect you i will
don't worry, just chill
cuz there isn't a bird that i wouldn't kill
for you.
Can't you see,
oh we were destined to be
for we have love
poisonous love
i know all
yes i know
that you can't hold me
(feel me close now)
your loving wings enfold me
fate told me
poisonous love
standing here
you're so near and yet so far
(like a star)
here we are
what to do
(to do)
oh poo

Your my romeo, i'm juliet,
we are so perfect and yet
if we touch not by much
still, on all you can bet
it's good bye
and i'll cry
as you die.
from our poisonous love

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